Back to Life
  1. Friends of Mine
  2. Next Hit Number One Song
  3. Back to Life
  4. Go Back to Sleep
  5. Rock n Roll Afterglow
  6. Song for Mo
  7. African Folk Law
  8. Hoendervleis
  9. Emily's Lullaby
  10. Chilli Sauce
  11. Bonus track

From Brad:

’Words cannot express how excited I am of this album. It has been 5 years since the release of the “big Cigar” and in this time I feel my songwriting has matured significantly. I have poured a lot more positivity into this album and you’ll hear quite a bit of laughter not just from me but my daughter in “Emily’s Lullaby” and my niece Alex and friends in the beginning and end of “Go Back to Sleep.” Once again there is a variety of styles as well as lyrics in English, Afrikaans and Zulu. My songs are still incubated long before I release them, so they are still lyrically loaded as well as melodic. I cannot help but feel that this is my best work so far…..’

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Big Cigar
  1. Da Big Cigar
  2. Time Of The Signs
  3. Capital City
  4. Day By Day
  5. Drifting Away
  6. She's Not Here
  7. Two Stories
  8. Breakdown Rules
  9. Ever Always
  10. Journey
  11. Poblem Child
  12. No Colour No Sound {Silent Movie}

From Brad:

This CD took a year to complete & contains songs I had written over the past 10 years or so. For my next album I’ll try to be a little quicker. Album 2 is in the pipeline & is in preproduction – stay tuned.

All the lyrics, whether telling a story of love, adventure, or conveying a theme I feel strongly about, have a meaning and a message. I pour out all my innermost feelings, my truths, thoughts, fears, hopes and aspirations in my songs, hence the diversity. From lilting to heavy, happy to sad, angry to peaceful or serious to satirical, quite a big spectrum for such a simple chap!

I see myself as a sincere songwriter, even though I tend to play “silly buggers” most of the time. I enjoy all genres of music [Classical to Metal] It can be soft, slow & melancholy or fast, hard and raucous, so long as it remains melodic, I’ll find something I’ll appreciate. I feel I have a lot to offer the music industry, and I think that the “mature” people that hold the power of opportunity for aspiring artists should look to individualism and fresh trends, and not bow to those copied by the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan etc. etc. etc. Musical Talent is a divine gift, let us channel it as such……………….. Peace.